December 13, 2017


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Testing & Diagnostics

Your electric lift fleet can’t operate at optimum performance if either the charger or the battery is functioning out of factory specifications – whatever the reason. Swift Industrial Power has the technology, equipment, training, and experience to test every aspect of your motive power system to diagnose and correct any possible issue. You have a tremendous investment in your electric lift fleet. Keep it fully powered and operating at its optimum efficiency. From single battery capacity tests and output ratings for chargers to complete fleet analysis, Swift can help you get the most out of your motive power fleet. Clean, green, renewable energy. Call Swift today or click here for more information.

This month’s special :
Battery Capacity Test with standard acid adjustment
*– any make, any model**

(Includes pick up within covered areas. Re-delivery not included)

*extensive acid adjustments may incur as additional charge of $99
**up to and including 48 volts. 72 and 80 volts are an additional $144